• Virtual Coffee Break: Teaching Tuesday with Fisher & Frey
    Read-Alouds to Build Community: Maria Walther talks with Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey about how book experiences can maintain a sense of community, in both brick-and-mortar and virtual classrooms.   
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  • Thinking, Talking, & Learning in The Reading Workshop

    In this 1-hour webinar, I share differentiated instructional strategies for structuring a successful reading workshop including read aloud, comprehension conversations, reading strategy mini-lessons, tips for guiding readers, and ways to facilitate high-success independent reading.
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  • Build Lasting Relationships With Students One Book at a Time
    Small group instruction is key to putting students on the pathway to successful independent reading and deep comprehension. The intimate setting allows teachers to work closely with a group of students reading at approximately the same level to effectively and continuously evaluate reading, diagnose challenges, and support new skills and growth. Join me in this edWebinar to learn simple strategies to support students during small group instruction, helping them grow as independent readers.    
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