Literacy Instruction

  • Let’s Collaborate!

    Together, we can tailor professional learning experiences to meet the goals and needs of the educators in your school or district. We can explore the instructional strategies on this page through any of the following learning contexts:

    • Collaborative Planning and Co-Teaching
    • Demonstration Lessons in Classrooms
    • Full or Half-Day Workshops
    • Virtual Visits


    The Literacy Workshop: An Innovative Approach to Integrated Reading and Writing Instruction

    Audience: K-5

    You’ve heard it said many times, reading and writing go hand-in-hand. It’s true, but how do you meaningfully connect the two in everyday classroom practice? In this idea-packed, forward-thinking workshop, Maria will help you save valuable classroom time while empowering students to uncover exciting connections in their learning—leading to stronger, more motivated readers and writers. Leave with a collection of literacy workshop mentor texts and demonstration lessons to try out in your classroom.

    Nurturing a Joyful Classroom Community:
    Strengthening Students’ Social and Emotional Awareness

    Audience: K-2

    Learn sensible strategies for nurturing an intellectually and emotionally healthy classroom culture. By creating an environment where young children take risks, think flexibly, ponder, and power through challenges you can nudge ALL students toward becoming self-directed, independent literacy learners. In this session, Maria will share classroom structures, learning experiences, picture book titles, and much more!

    Make Every Minute Count:
    A Day in a Learner-Focused Literacy Classroom

    Audience: K-3

    Take a peek into a typical day in Maria’s classroom. Learn how she sets up and manages a purposeful, literate classroom environment where students read, write, think, converse, and learn together in engaging and joyful ways. Maria will demonstrate how each component of literacy ties to standards.

    Spark the Reading-Writing Connection

    Audience: K-5

    Powerful and practical teaching strategies are a necessity when helping students make connections among literature, language, writing, and their world. These connections are at the essence of literacy instruction. Join Maria as she shares a wealth of ideas that will electrify literacy lessons and recharge teachers.