Reading AssessmentNext Step Guided Reading Assessment
Streamlined Assessment for Data Driven Instruction

Jan Richardson and Maria Walther know how overwhelming it can be to assess 25+ students as a first step to implementing guided reading. That’s why they’ve streamlined the process. Teachers administer three of the steps to the whole class within just a few days, allowing them to begin one-on-one conferences right away. Together, the four steps deliver rich information about students’ reading interests and motivation along with their current proficiency in word knowledge, phonics, fluency, and comprehension.

  • Next Step’s brand new-leveled assessment library provides literary and informational texts that reflect the complexity and text features recommended by the CCSS.
  • Next Step assesses students’ reading skills more comprehensively, requiring students to read closely and give text-based answers.
  • Next Step’s Teacher Guide closes the loop between assessment and instruction with its ASSESS – DECIDE – GUIDE framework

Table of Contents of K-2 Guide (PDF)
Next Step Guided Reading Assessment Is Professional Learning in a Box (PDF)

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