Teaching Struggling Readers with PoetryTeaching Struggling Readers With Poetry
Engaging Poems With Mini-Lessons That Target and Teach Phonics, Sight Words, Fluency & More-Laying the Foundation for Reading Success

You have a handful of students—or maybe the majority of your class—who are struggling to learn to read. Some children may lack rich background experiences in literacy, while others are learning a second language. Still others simply can't seem to unlock the letter-sound code. Whatever the needs of your students, poetry is a powerful ally in your quest for practical, research-based strategies to teach them in joyful and motivating ways. We can think of no better way to engage even the most reluctant reader than with an enticing poem. This book provides the classroom-tested poems themselves, along with the lessons and strategies that you need to help all your young readers soar.


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Why Use Poetry to Teach Struggling Readers?

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