1/6 The New Essentials for Transforming Literacy Teaching (Handout)
The School District of Manatee County, Bradenton, FL
1/20-21 - The Ramped-Up Read Aloud: Sparking Comprehension and Fueling Writers (K-3)
- The Promise of Poetry to Boost Vulnerable Readers’ Fluency and Comprehension (K-3)
Picture Books and Pencils: Teaching Informational Research, Reading, and Writing (K-3)
- Guiding Readers Toward Independence: Building Stamina, Fluency, and Comprehension (K-3)
When Struggling Readers Thrive. Summit 17, Victoria, BC

02/18 Books, Books, Books: I Can’t Teach Without Them! (Handout)
Anderson’s 15th Annual Children’s Literature Breakfast 2017, Woodridge, IL
02/24 - Guiding Readers Toward Independence: It’s as Easy as 1-2-3 (Handout)
- The Ramped-Up Read Aloud: Sparking Comprehension and Fueling Writers
Reading for the Love of It Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada
03/12 Unlocking Opportunities through Classroom Libraries: Promoting the Joy and Power of Reading (Handout)
Illinois Reading Council (IRC), Wired Wednesday Webinar, 7:00 p.m.
05/6 TBD
Sacramento Area Reading Association (SARA) Conference: 
Sacramento Area Reading Association, Sacramento, CA
07/14-16 TBD
International Literacy Association (ILA), Orlando, FL

10/5-7 TBD
Illinois Reading Council Conference, Peoria, IL
10/23 - Assess, Decide, and Guide: The Keys to Helping ALL Readers Succeed
- Spark the Reading-Writing Connection (K-2)
Literacy for All Conference, Providence, RI