01/15 Make Every Minute Count! A Day in a Balanced Literacy Classroom
North Central College, Naperville, IL
02/06 Transforming Literacy Teaching for the Common Core
Northwest Indiana Reading Council & Calumet Colege of St. Joseph, Hammond, IN
02/28 Launching 1st Grade ELA Common Core Curriculum
with 1st Grade ELA Curriculum Writing Team
Indian Prairie School District 204, Naperville, IL
03/13-15 Featured Speaker
-Assess, Decide, and Guide (with Jan Richardson)
-Transforming Literacy Instruction for the Common Core

-The Promise of Poetry for Struggling Readers

Illinois Reading Council Conference, Springfield, IL
03/29 Immersing Writers in the Language of the Traits (Handout)
Caroline Sibley Elementary School, Calumet City, IL
04/02-04 Featured Speaker
-Assess, Decide, and Guide: The Keys to Helping Students Meet the Commone Core
-Powerful Picture Books Inspire Learners to Think, Converse, Wonder, and Write
State of Maryland International Reading Council 42nd Annual Conference,
Hunt Valley, MD
04/15 K-2 ELA Common Core Curriculum Development
Central School District 301, Burlington, IL
05/10 -The Next Step in Guided Reading Assessment (with Jan Richardson) (Handout)
-Quick Tips for Common Core-Focused Guided Reading
(with Jan Richardson) (Handout)
59th Annual International Reading Association Convention, New Orleans, LA

06/18 The Best Books for K-3 Readers and Writers
Judson University Literacy In Motion Conference, Elgin, IL
(Handout 2014) (Handout 2013) (Handout 2012) (Handout 2011)
08/4 Assess, Decide, and Guide: The Keys to Powerful Guided Reading
(with Jan Richardson)

Spalding Drive Charter Elementary School, Fulton County, GA (Handout)
08/5 Assess, Decide, and Guide: The Keys to Powerful Guided Reading
(with Jan Richardson)

Palmer Stone Elementary, Newton County, GA (Handout)
09/25 Common Sense Strategies for Meeting Common Core Standards
Northern Illinois Reading Council, Kishwaukee Community College, Malta, IL (Handout)
10/2-4 Featured Speaker
-Assess, Decide, Guide: The Keys to Helping ALL Readers Meet Common Core Standards
-Transforming Literacy Instruction for the Common Core (Handout)
Illinois Reading Council Conference (IRC), Springfield, IL
12/12 Scholastic Experts at Your Door
Spark the Reading-Writing Connection

Northside ISD, San Antonio, TX